Tracfone is a popular prepaid mobile phone provider in the United States that offers affordable cell phone services to its customers. One of the significant advantages of using Tracfone is that it does not require a contract, and the customers can purchase prepaid cards that allow them to use their phone service for a specific amount of time or until they have consumed their allotted data, talk, and text. However, if you have a Tracfone that is locked to a specific network, you may experience difficulty in using it with another network provider. In this article, we will discuss how to unlock a prepaid Tracfone and use it with any carrier of your choice.

What is a locked Tracfone?

When you purchase a Tracfone, it may come locked to a specific network provider. This means that you can only use the phone with that particular network provider, and it may not work with any other carrier. For instance, if you purchase a Tracfone that is locked to AT&T, you cannot use it with T-Mobile, Verizon, or any other carrier.

Why would you want to unlock your Tracfone?

There are several reasons why you may want to unlock your Tracfone, such as:

  1. You want to use your phone with a different carrier that offers better coverage, more data, or cheaper rates.
  2. You are traveling to a different country and want to use a local carrier’s SIM card to avoid high international roaming charges.
  3. You want to sell your phone to someone who uses a different carrier.
  4. You want to switch to a different Tracfone service plan that is not compatible with your locked Tracfone.

How to unlock your Tracfone?

Before you begin the process of unlocking your Tracfone, there are a few things you need to check:

  1. Your Tracfone must be active for at least 12 months before you can unlock it.
  2. Your Tracfone must not be reported as lost or stolen.
  3. Your Tracfone must not have any outstanding balances or unpaid bills.

Once you have checked these things, you can proceed with the following steps to unlock your Tracfone:

Step 1: Contact Tracfone customer service

The first step in unlocking your Tracfone is to contact Tracfone customer service. You can call Tracfone customer service at 1-800-867-7183 or visit their website at Explain to the customer service representative that you want to unlock your Tracfone and provide them with your phone’s IMEI number, which you can find by dialing *#06# on your Tracfone. The customer service representative will verify that you meet the eligibility criteria for unlocking your Tracfone and provide you with an unlock code.

Step 2: Power off your Tracfone

After you have received your unlock code from Tracfone, power off your Tracfone and remove the current SIM card.

Step 3: Insert a different SIM card

Insert a different SIM card from a carrier that is not the one your Tracfone is currently locked to. If your Tracfone is locked to AT&T, insert a SIM card from T-Mobile or Verizon. Power on your Tracfone with the new SIM card inserted. Unlock a Prepaid Tracfone

Step 4: Enter the unlock code

When your Tracfone boots up, it will ask for an unlock code. Enter the unlock code provided by Tracfone customer service and press OK. If the code is correct, your Tracfone will be unlocked, and you can start using it with any carrier of your choice.

Step 5: Test your Tracfone

To ensure that your Tracfone is unlocked, make a test call, send a text message, and use the internet to browse. If everything works correctly, your Tracfone is now unlocked and ready to use with any carrier. Unlock a Prepaid Tracfone

Alternative Method: Using a third-party unlocking service

If you are unable to unlock your Tracfone using the method above, you can consider using a third-party unlocking service. There are several third-party unlocking services available online that can unlock your Tracfone for a fee. However, you need to be careful when selecting a third-party unlocking service as there are many scams and fraudulent services. Here are some tips to help you choose a reliable third-party unlocking service:

  1. Check the reviews: Look for reviews of the service you want to use online. Check the reviews on third-party sites and social media to see if the service has a good reputation.
  2. Check the pricing: Compare the pricing of the service you want to use with other similar services to ensure that you are not overcharged.
  3. Check the payment method: Verify that the payment method offered by the service is secure and reliable.
  4. Check the turnaround time: Find out how long the service takes to unlock your Tracfone. A reliable service should be able to unlock your Tracfone within 24 hours.


Unlocking your Tracfone is a simple process that requires you to contact Tracfone customer service, provide them with your phone’s IMEI number, and enter the unlock code provided by the customer service representative. However, you need to ensure that your Tracfone meets the eligibility criteria for unlocking and that you follow the steps correctly. Alternatively, you can use a reliable third-party unlocking service to unlock your Tracfone for a fee. Whatever method you choose, ensure that you test your Tracfone to ensure that it is working correctly after unlocking it.

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